We offer a Funeral Chauffeur Service - providing a little extra help on a difficult day

Losing a loved one is often one of the toughest events in most of our lives, and whilst we don't suggest that that's something we can help lessen, helping with your transport is one thing we can do.
Some of our clients enjoy the prestige of the Bentley, often due to an affection held by their loved one. But quite often it's about solving a simple problem of transport with a method befitting the event. A taxi isn't the answer on a day like this.

The versatility of our funeral chauffeur services is almost limitless. Our spacious, comfortable car can comfortably seat four, going to services, between venues and home again. We're happy to lead or follow as part of a procession and can note the occasion with black ribbons, flowers, or other adornments of your choice.

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2 Hour Service


This service is ideal for those who want a car only for the primary service.  The two-hour option is often long enough for a collection, procession, arrival at service and the drive from service to wake or home.

Half Day

The half-day service covers up to 4 hours time.  The time allows for a greater list of events, such as wake, burial, separate memorial ceremonies, life celebrations, journeys home etc.  With the extra time, you can arrange second trips for others to take the journey, with prior arrangement

Full Day

This is often the favourite for funerals.  It's sometimes hard to know how long the day might last, or how events may proceed.  The full day allows for a host of different options.  With our full day hire, we operate within 60 miles of Hemel Hempstead (longer distances can be arranged in advance)

Additional Hours


Our packages are always flexible and custom quotes can always be arranged, but as a guide, you can add additional hours to the 2-hour, half-day or other packages with this option.  This is to help give you an estimate of the cost but isn't an absolute in terms of quotes

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