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Wedding Car Aylesbury
The history of Aylesbury is rich and varied - presenting a range of Georgian, Jacobean and Tudor venues in which to celebrate your union.  Those beautiful options deserve a bridal car service which demonstrates prestige - which is where Squires Chauffeur Services steps in.  Our Travel in Luxury, Arrive in Style ideology is exactly what you need for your wedding day, whether at the Jacobean Hartwell House, the 13th Century Creslow Manor, gothic manor Nether Winchendon House, or any other venue.


Prom Car Aylesbury
Choosing the right prom car service for your event is key - you didn't spend so much time, money and effort preparing for this night to arrive in an Uber!  The prestige and sophistication you want comes from a Bentley!  Whether part of the Aylesbury Grammar prom, a college ceremony or one of the Private School Balls, our service is the high calibre transport you deserve. 
Corporate Car Service

Corporate Car

Business Car Service, Aylesbury
We've been offering business car services in Aylesbury for a short while now, and the growth of the area is a large reason we're doing so.  With large businesses such as McAffee, Tesco, Acco, Esri, and 8x8 in the area, an increased requirement for corporate travel isn't surprising!  Though naturally, our service is not restricted to the large entities - our flexible services makes us just as hirable for small business or freelancer one-off hires!
Sports & Social Service

Sports & Social Functions

Event Car Service in Aylesbury
There are times in life that you want to showcase yourself, where a certain amount of attention is deserved! At these events - perhaps Royal Ascot, fancy awards ceremony, works event etc.  Our work, in an around Aylesbury provides a car service to do just that - allow you Travel in Luxury, Arrive in Style.  For the prestige of a Bentley, look at our services and choose your ideal package!

Funeral Car Service

Funeral Car Service Aylesbury
Choosing to hire a Bentley for a funeral can mean many things - but predominantly, it suggests a calibre of prestige you're looking to bring to the preceding.  Other times, the one you're saying goodbye to was simply a fan of the Bentley. Our Funeral Car Service in Aylesbury can help with your transport for any reason - whether it's just comfortable space or a state of luxury you're looking for

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