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You've chosen the dress? Picked between waistcoat & cummerbund?  Arranged who is going with whom and considered the order of pickups?  So now it's time to choose the car!  You didn't spend so much time working on your look and paying for tickets in order to be dropped off in your mum's 2006 Vauxhall Zafira!  The car should set the right tone!

Nothing states class and sophistication like a Bentley.  A limo may be cliche and flashy if you want to be like everyone else.  Your parents probably have friends somewhere who has a nice sporty car you could be dropped off in?  But that's nothing compared to hiring the Bentley and driver to set the tone you seek!

Fees start at just £350 for a 4-hour session for 4 people, giving you exclusive use for that time. Whilst we aim to have a guide for pickups, drop-offs, and stops along the way - it remains your time, so if you want to swing by the big M for nuggets on the way home, we can do that! 

Who else is seen in a Bentley?  Virtually every A-lister!  They can be seen in almost any statement car, but it's the Bentley that works.  Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr, both Beckhams, Schwarzenegger, Jay-Z, see loads more:

50+ Famous People Who Own Bentleys

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