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The range of services we provide aims to be flexible and inclusive. However, it's not rigid. Consider these guidelines to the services we provide - but by no means exhaustive.
from £ 125

Wedding Car Service

Whilst weddings are a staple for most chauffeur services, to us, it's more than just a ride in a nice car. Squires are invested in the day of our clients and dedicated to playing their small role in your big day to perfection

Prom Car

Those leavers choosing Squires' Bentley for their Prom Car are clearly looking for a step above the typical Stretch Limo or Dad's-friend's-sports-car. We aim to meet those expectations, presenting them with the prestige that comes with such a car.

Corporate Hire

The range of Corporate Hire services we offer spans almost any eventuality - but it's not restricted! If you find you have special requirements for yourself or a boss/client - just contact us and ask.

Party Service

Our party services start at a very economical £125. This is to offer the classic Arrive In Style service. Great for work events, family parties and anytime you want to be noticed.

Sports & Social Events

As one of the most popular uses of a prestige car hire, this service offers the chance to set the tone of your arrival. Such events might be Ascot Races, Royal Garden Parties, Fundraisers and so forth.

Funeral Service

There's almost never any chance of pre-planning for something like this, and yet it strikes at families in such a way that driving should be the last thing on anyone's mind. The quality of the Bentley presents a tasteful and comfortable car choice - avoiding the tackiness of a limousine or the informality of a taxi.
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